Saturday, November 6, 2010

Willowing & Friends...Art, Heart, & Healing

I took Willow's 1st challenge.
I so needed this drawing technique..and so I'm happy I tried the first week challenge.
Of course I don't have watercolor crayons..which I do need.
I improvise with what I do have..crayons-LOL!
Thanks for looking!


Jenxo said...

oh it looks fabulous, whether or not you had watercolors, love it...

Audrey said...


Kristin said...

Oh AMY! This is wonderful! Your face is just perfect - I didn't have watercolor crayons at first (have since bought a few individually and LOVE THEM) but started mine with acrylic. AND although I love the crayons, I think I still prefer the acrylic . . .Now I have a new inspiration - with those kind of crayons!
LOVE your portrait! xoxo