Sunday, May 20, 2012

All Together Now!!

All Together Now

Today I ran across a NEW blog..well, maybe not totally new..but NEW to me! I ran into this artful blogspot thru Kristin (Twinkle Twinkle). There is this fabulous artful's an 'about me' party!

I'm supposed to have a small artful giveaway to 'someone' who also plays along in this party! I am donating this painting that is 8x10. It is collage'd with paper..then painted. I use a variety of paints, watercolor and acrylics..then some charcoal..and then of drawings for the main images! I like to draw randomly in a drawing I have a small collection..I use those as inspiration. Along with the pkg I have an altered notebook done with collage and image by Lisa's Altered Arts. The 3rd item in the pkg is a bottle cap necklace..which has one of my paintings as the focal point. I hope you like my 'giveaway'..

Now about "ME"..I am Amy..I give every moment and try to be the BEST mom ever to my 4 children..Married for 15yrs! I love to volunteer in my spare time. I am a Girl Scout leader to 12 is my 5th year doing so and I LOVE IT! I have done so many fun things thru girl scouting that I never thought I'd do. I am also a driver to many..we only have one vehicle..and since I work parttime..I drive everyone where they need to go! Including my 4 very outgoing sporty children..whom are devoted to the sport of baseball. Now for my paying job: I work parttime in foodservice at an insurance company. But wait..that is not all..that does not DEFINE ME!!!

What defines my soul and spirit!! I try to show my spirit thru my art..oh and a bit of laughter! I love to laugh..laugh til hearts content. Being funny and art are utmost important to me and who I am.

I always have chewing gum or mints in my purse..I believe oral freshness is the key to a good smile!

I love being blonde..the blonder the better! and short hair to..never have I had long hair..don't know..doesn't fit my style or face or something.

I am an avid lover of the outdoors. I walk 45mins a day with our dog Harley..then hop on my Trek for a quick bike ride around my neighborhood for about 20mins a day.

 Thank you for visiting me here at my blog! I hope you have enjoyed getting to know a tiny bit more about me and also see some of my artful'ness!


Joyce van der Lely said...

Hi Amy, nice meeting you ! and now I am not at the bottom of the list anymore, I thought I was the tardiest one among the bunch ;) Great to "meet" you like this, will check out your other goodies on your blog now as well (Oh and yeah I am a blond too....;)

Sunshineshelle said...

Howdy Amy, so pleased I dropped by :) I'd thought I'd run out of awesome blogs to visit & had to get back to work... thank goodness you joined late to keep the party going!! So pleased you found the blog you should have a peek at the Fully Buttered site (link in my sidebar) a lot of people at this party join in that too (well I try LOL) love your blond hair (mine's black, really black) & Harley is perfect name for a dog (& motorbike too I guess) OK needless to say LOVE your giveaway, looks at those big eyes & sighs... OK for some reason I feel like chewing gum now... gotta go :)

amy said...

Hi amy!
I'm alwayyysss super happy to meet another amy!
(because we have the best name, that's why)

i really like your post - i like that you let us get to know who you are. I feel like you are capturing the spirit of what this blog hop is about.

Anywyayayayay. I used to have blonde hair - and i loved it. Loved it. but it's no longer blonde and i'm afraid to dye my dreads back to blonde because i hear it can damage them and the bleach may Snap Them Right Off.

can you imagine?

okay. really. i am very happy to have met you.


p.s. i'm sometimes the driver in this house too, but GUESS WHAT? my daughter just got her license so guess who will be driving her brother around now??

Cameron said...

Hello Amy!
So glad you decided to join in the Party! Always great to meet more artsy kindreds who live to between all the other stuff our days get filled with, that is :)

I agree about is the medicine that cures all!

Fallingladies said...

I am late getting around to everyone, glad you joined in and lovely to hear all about you and find a new blog to visit. wonderful giveaway!

Nicole Foshee said...

I'm impressed with your outdoorsy side! I love your painting and I hope I win...(fingers crossed!) Glad you joined in!

Simona Cordara said...

Nice to meet you, Amy! You must be a great mom!! :)

Terri Neggers said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I love your art, it's so fresh and fun and just makes me smile! So glad you found our blog hop in time...

Kristin said...

YAY Amy!!!!
SO happy to see you here - and I love your post! Okay, you do a lot with one car! We are the same way - we've been a one car family for almost a year now. Yes, sometimes less convenient, but it does work. I can only imagine how busy you must be with 4 though. And the baby is graduating first grade now right? Kendra is on her way to Summer - and second grade too.
Thank you for your sweet comment and for the chance to have a piece of YOU in my home.
Here's my finger's crossed!

Gina said...

Hello Amy :D Thought our Amy had lost it when I read your name on the list hahaha entering twice :D Gosh you wore me out with the list of all the things you get up to, it's a wonder you had time to blog at all!! Your art looks wonderful, ful of smiles and happiness :D Great you could come meet us all :D XXX

awesome mama said...

hi amy, i might be too late for your giveaway (it is much harder for me to keep up with blogging than i thought) but i thought i'd peek in an say "hi" again - i love your style and congrats on the somerset publication! w00t!

Amy said...

All names have been written down and will have my daughter draw a name. Thank you to all who signed up for my giveaway!