Thursday, September 13, 2012


There is a NEW KIT in town by TUMBLEFISH STUDIO'S ( The kit is titled: OLD HAUNTS!!! I made these atc's using some of the images from that kit!!

growing up!

My little girl is growing up! She now has braces.

Lack of Blogging!

I'm sorry to have to announce this on my blog. But my lack of blogging is due to a little girl who has grabbed at my heart! My cousin's little girl age 9 has been diagnosed with brain cancer. She had a brain tumor. They removed the tumor and then was diagnosed with brain cancer. She is a VERY brave little girl..she now fights cancer every day!  She is being treated in Chicago. She has to take 6 pills a day and also gets radiation 5 days a week. She's on week 3 of her treatment. She will be treated for cancer for 6 she is already mid-way through! She is now starting to lose her hair and asking questions..questions about dying! It just breaks my heart that a little child has to endure this... also a mother, a father, and also a sister! They are a strong family with a super size loving bond. Please if you can..pray for this family and pray for Alexis!
Thank You so much!!

a new puppy!!

There is a new puppy in the house. He's so CUTE and named: Bleu!!!