Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lack of Blogging!

I'm sorry to have to announce this on my blog. But my lack of blogging is due to a little girl who has grabbed at my heart! My cousin's little girl age 9 has been diagnosed with brain cancer. She had a brain tumor. They removed the tumor and then was diagnosed with brain cancer. She is a VERY brave little girl..she now fights cancer every day!  She is being treated in Chicago. She has to take 6 pills a day and also gets radiation 5 days a week. She's on week 3 of her treatment. She will be treated for cancer for 6 she is already mid-way through! She is now starting to lose her hair and asking questions..questions about dying! It just breaks my heart that a little child has to endure this... also a mother, a father, and also a sister! They are a strong family with a super size loving bond. Please if you can..pray for this family and pray for Alexis!
Thank You so much!!


Unknown said...

I want to wish you and your family but especially your nice all the best! I hope the treatment will work for her.

Henriette said...

I hope the treatment works for this little girl. Sometimes life is so hard.